“Matchstick Man” is one letter away from Matchstick Men, the 2003 Nicholas Cage helmed black comedy, but more importantly, is the latest single from bigfish. This is off of their Punchlines EP and leans more to the “alt” side of their country alt-rock persona. I’m very selective about what sort of country music I listen to and was initially hesitant, but was won over very quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the track. The gentle guitar intro crescendos into feedback phuzz and then backing off gave me Midwest emo vibes in the vein of Alex G or American Football. The doleful lyrics really resonated with me, written as a love song about “a man who can’t deal with the dissonance between the depth of his love for his significant other and his lack of ambition.”

I’m not sure where you can even find Matchstick Men, but “Matchstick Man” can be found on Spotify or embedded down below from the band’s YouTube channel. The rest of the EP is worth a listen as well, particularly “Your Uncle’s Beach House in Virginia” if you’re looking for that country twang.