London native Belot continues her brand of “awkward pop” with her latest single, the title track to her upcoming EP The Good Life, due out October 20th from Submarine Cat Records. Belot’s imaginative song crafting is on display as she wields a glossy spacey pop palette that grooves and soars through technicolor stars. The track is carried by Belot’s ear wormy pop vocals and a seamless funky bass line that fills every beat with an electric elastic momentum. The track delights with those evocatively inventive vocals and bass all while shimmering synths radiate twinkling star light all through the song – even Belot’s vocals find their home skyward as her singing shoots off with rising firework trajectories. Belot’s pop alchemy is working wonders by bringing in a hand clapping beat and a choir belting out our feel good refrain that makes for golden moments that are sumptuous and drives you to dance. Fans of Jessie Ware, Janelle Monet, and Robyn will find lots to love on this track. Belot had added this about her latest release:

“The good life was written in the middle of the summer of 2022. At the time I was about to release my previous EP Harmless Fun and I was struggling with letting go, all whilst being fully aware that my part was done, and I had to let the music go do its thing. I’d realized that everything I wanted to be doing, I actually was; and I needed to start enjoying it. ALL OF IT! The song is about going to things, not overthinking, knowing that doing what feels right is usually the right thing. It was sort of a note to myself. You can have fun! Enjoy the ride!”

Listen to new single “The Good Life” from Belot now on Spotify and Soundcloud. Find more from Belot on their Youtube.