Bedroom-pop duo beachtown hit our inbox with “Spin” and it captivated us immediately. There’s something intangible about their whirly brand of bedroom-pop that inspires feelings of longing, sorrow, and angst… Which by this point, any dedicated buffaBLOG reader should know we’re suckers for. A shuffling drumbeat powers this one forward, while dreamy guitar noodling, blippy synth textures, and plenty of production magic help to color the background. About the song, they say:

“Spin came around a time where I was very frustrated with myself, people and things I couldn’t control. Because of the angsty kind of mood that the song had I just went along with it. The name “Spin” also resonated with us as it describes that feeling of falling into vortexes in your own mind that never stop spinning.” 

You can find ALL the ways to listen to “Spin” via this link.