Singles from artists in today’s environment of mainly digital releases are easy. You don’t have have to go to the record store to pick up a 45 inch record (or cassette) and can just pull up your preferred music service instantly! [/end elder millennial rant]

My editor called for me to review “An Android Contemplates Love.” Ignoring the second half [B-Side track “OFF (O N) RESET!)] seemed silly so here’s a review of both.

Beachdust is a solo act courtesy of California based Anthony Geovanny (from the label Little Death Sounds) and he is clearly a student of the psychedelic and new wave sounds of the 80’s. Talking Heads aficionados would certainly enjoy the energy Anthony brings in this and his other tracks. Strong synth and a constant guitar are in the driver seat for this meandering track that ponders the question of “what makes love so different?” from an a non-human perspective.

“OFF (O N) RESET” takes a turn from the introspection of “Android” and becomes a rhythmic reset; almost as though the android from the first half is going through a reboot phase while trying to reconcile feelings with a carbon based lifeform; “Can’t build my life around you/Not quite sure if you understand/But I know I, I know this is the end.”

I personally look forward to more new wave nods from Beachdust and you should too! Let us know on our Twitter if you’d like to hear more like this.