“Santa Fe” is the latest single from Swedish duo Baula, released in anticipation of their debut album Heavy Heart due out later this month. Delightfully dreary and brooding, the bass line is the constant that keeps everything grounded; with wailing guitars interjecting and threatening to take over but ceding to the ole four string. Karolina Thunberg’s voice is perfect with the lyrics delivered plaintively, but still manages to break through the instrumentals and hold her own.

Speaking to the album, and certainly applies to this track the band said:

“The album offers no redemptive turning point, no insights or solutions. It simply reflects the misery of depression, from initial doubts about one’s self and life, to the final blow.”

You can hear “Santa Fe” on Spotify or down below embedded from Soundcloud. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard be sure to check out the rest of the album April 26th.