“Blame Me” is the newest from Atlantan musician Bailey Crone along with producer Damon Moon, performing under the moniker Bathe Alone. Starting off as a delightful synth riff that permeates the rest of the track, “Blame Me” showcases Crone’s mellifluous vocals, drawing comparisons to The xx or M83. The pop beat is infinitely catchy and you’ll soon find yourself bopping and singing along. Synth and drum machines have certainly made a comeback from the 80’s and it really seems like they’re here to stay, so be sure to strap in.

The rest of the EP is equally catchy and well worth checking out, especially the second track “Call Me Back.” Just when you think you’ve gotten Bathe Alone pegged you get a hot new take that’s truly exciting to unpack. If you enjoy “Blame Me” be sure to check out 2023’s double LP Fall With The Lights Down (we did here and we definitely enjoyed it).

You can hear “Blame Me” (and wherever you consume your music –Spotify, Sound Cloud, Apple Music, or down below on the embedded YouTube vid.