Today we have the joy of bringing you the latest single from Australia’s stoner-pop group Babe Rainbow, with the eccentric and wonderful “Super Ego” off their upcoming EP Fresh As A Head Of Lettuce, due for release on June 16th.  These psychedelic, permaculture farming, surf-cultists plant blurred, neon guitar lines and other worldly vocals in your ears while a joyous, groovy head trip blossoms. A sound evocative of Mort Garson’s Plantasia, Devendra Banhart’s freak folk, Junior Murvin’s reggae, and surf rock culminate in a singular and wholly lovable sound. Employing impeccable production, the song is a headphone trip that tickles the psyche while an effortless cool oozes into your chakras and wraps you in a psychedelic pop calm. Don’t deny yourself the joy of this trip.

Listen to “Super Ego” by Babe Rainbow on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. Find more from Babe Rainbow on Instagram.