Alaskan-based songstress Ava Earl brings us a folk-tinged, twee sounding melody in “Jealous of Her” off of her forthcoming album Too Much. Speaking to the track, Earl had this to say:

“‘Jealous of Her’ is about coping with unrequited feelings. In many of my songs, I like to take real life inspiration, and elevate it to a place somewhat outside of reality, and that’s what I did with this song.”

Impeccably produced tracks combining Earl’s incredible voice with guitar and background effects that resonate throughout make “Jealous” stand out through a sea of indie-country adjacent crossovers. Listeners looking for (or listening for) something less mainstream than the almighty Taylor Swift yet still palatable to your indie sensibilities (a la Phoebe Bridgers) would find a lot to enjoy with Ava Earl.

You can find “Jealous of Her” over on Spotify, along with a strong backlog of well crafted songs and albums.