Hot Tip –  Hold Me, Closely

Hot Tip – Hold Me, Closely

Hailing¬†from Buffalo, Hot Tip delivers a cohesive collection of electrifying cuts on their new 12″ LP, Hold Me, Closely. Formed in 2013, Hot Tip is made up of Katherine Goewey on vocals, drummer, Irene Rekhviashvili, both from the band Pang, guitarist, Stephen...
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Space is Haunted Drop Full Album  Contact

Space is Haunted Drop Full Album Contact

Buffalo-based low-fi post-punk duo, Space Is Haunted’s new record, Contact is an energetic barrage of crunchy guitar and ephemeral vocals that are all held up by consistently solid drumming. The duo is made up of primary guitarist and vocalist, Jamie Levy and...
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Taking Meds –  My Life as a Bro

Taking Meds – My Life as a Bro

Pieces of punk, a pinch of indie, a bit of math rock, and bitter pathos get thrown together to form the sonic base for Rochester, NY four-piece, Taking Meds. Released November 4th via Broken World Media, the band’s full-length debut record, My Life as a Bro is a...
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Izzy True –  Nope

Izzy True – Nope

Ithaca, NY based indie-punk quartet, Izzy True blends an intoxicating cocktail of catchy, sweet melodies and emotive lyrics to form their debut full length record, Nope. Released in August on New Jersey punk label, Don Giovanni Records, Izzy True don’t strain...
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