Asha Wells is an indie-folk artist from the Bay Area and is releasing their anticipated new EP, Tears of a Clown, on Friday, February 10th, 2024 via Anxiety Blanket Records. Tears of a Clown features the resonant, intimate track “The Carousel” that features nuanced dynamics that braid like a double helix made of smoke as the song unfurls. The encircling music wraps around you, gently constricting you with each loop of the proverbial carousel. Every lap winds the bittersweet revelation of what first was a heart-swelling immersion, involuntarily transmuted to detached nostalgia. Wells has explored new orchestrations and has implemented tones that ring and linger like a water harp or synths that travel backwards like they are reminiscing. You will cherish Wells’ use of layered guitar lines that take turns being delicately tapped with stiletto styling or strummed with a warm vibrato. Wells’ vocals are haunting and expressive, ethereal while espousing poetics that are lyrical and powerful. Fans or Julia Jacklin, Weyes Blood, and Lana Del Ray will finds lots to love on this new song from Asha Wells.

Listen to Asha Well’s new track “The Carousel” on YouTube and Spotify.