Hailing from Pittsburgh, Animal Scream is made up of duo Chad Monticue and Josh Sickels.”Strangled Up in Two” is a banger of a track from that literally starts off with a BANG and doesn’t let off the gas, except to occasionally allow you to catch your breath. This comes from their most recent album Heartbroke Motel (April 7th) from label American Hermitage, also out of Pittsburgh, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The raucous cacophony in “Strangled” brings to mind Death From Above 1979, Parquet Courts, and a hint of Thom Yorke – with a beat that is simply infectious, just tell me with a straight face you couldn’t dance to this song all night long.

The duo’s (successful) experiments with sound throughout Heartboke Motel similary don’t disappoint and listeners of anywhere from Grimes to Animal Collective would find enjoyment in the eclecticism.

Be sure to check out “Strangled Up in Two” as well as the rest of their album on Soundcloud or Spotify.