Delighting local music fans and folk lovers alike, Andy Pothier’s new album dropped earlier this month, highlighted by an intimate release show at Mohawk Place soon after featuring the likes of Sonny Baker, Damian, and others in support of the Pine Fever drummer. In Headlights, Pothier’s third release to date, and this week’s Album of the Week, is an heartfelt look at life’s ups and downs, covering everything from what it’s like to be twenty-one to what it’s like to be in (and out) of love.

Many of the album’s eight tracks feature pretty, mellow instrumentals that lay a great foundation for Pothier’s earnest vocals. Musicians Billy Fortier and Sharon Mok (Tiny Rhymes) contribute background vocals throughout the album, creating sweet harmonies that make for an enjoyable listening experience. “Twenty-One Years” is notable in this regard.

Album highlights, for me, include “The Lucky Ones” for its pretty guitar strumming and “Oh, to the Coast and Over” for its hopeful message. In Headlight’s warm lyrics, raw-sounding emotion, and high-quality instrumentals definitely ring of early Bright Eyes. Could the next album ring of mature Conor Oberst? It remains to be seen.

In Headlights is available for purchase and stream through Pothier’s Bandcamp page.