Adult Play (née New Labor… also previously known as “Jimmy and the Innies” and “Petrol Exit”) has obviously worn many hats, and this single is no different. Shrewsbury UK’s Adult Play feels like a finely tuned performance car going through twists and turns with much fanfare and aplomb. Keeping with the car allegory, AP’s drum and bass play off each other flawlessly and slowly give way to an 8-Bit breakdown which then shifts to a (for lack of a better term) groovier 8-bit bridge.

Listen to their other track “HCYS” first followed by “See Me Now” and you’ll have a much better impression of their progression. The two songs flow flawlessly into each other and you’ll hear hints of a band growing up in the shadow of grunge, indie sleaze, and a bit of everything in between.

Don’t sleep on this three piece; they are most assuredly more than the sum of their parts and can be heard on Spotify