On April 2nd, New York City’s Acid Dad brought the seductive swagger of their gritty garage rock sound to the Studio at Waiting Room for a night of debauchery. Along for the ride were Brooklyn’s Honduras, who kept the spirit of ’77 alive with their unbridled take on downtown punk, earning their stripes from rock ’n’ roll’s true believers. Representing Buffalo’s local scene that evening,  Deadwolf’s psychedelic stomp and Ugly Sun’s bare-knuckle riffs set the stage for the main event. Check out the photos below.


Deadwolf 1Deadwolf 2Deadwolf 3Deadwolf 4

Ugly Sun

Ugly Sun 1Ugly Sun 2Ugly Sun 3Ugly Sun 4


Honduras 1Honduras 2Honduras 3Honduras 4Honduras 5Honduras 6

Acid Dad

Acid Dad 1Acid Dad 2Acid Dad 3Acid Dad 4Acid Dad 5Acid Dad 6Acid Dad 7