Cover shows are hands down my favorite Halloween tradition. When else can you see all your favorite classic punk bands on the same stage? One year, I got to see Slayer, SSD, the Misfits, and the Ramones together on the same stage and Lifetime, the Lawrence Arms, NOFX, and Descendents in the same weekend.

This Halloween at Mohawk Place, you can see the Naturalists as Pavement, Wolf as the Replacements, members of Orations, A House Safe for Tigers and TMMC as Joy Division, and a Governess’ rendition of Turbonegro.

The Halloween tribute is $5 if you wear a costume because why wouldn’t you. The punk imposters go on at 8pm. CC Death Squad will play creepily in between sets. Don’t miss your probably only chance to see Pavement and the Replacements.