Are you 18 & under and looking for an opportunity to hop onto the local scene? Brandon Schlia, brains behind local label Steak & Cake Records, hopes to fast track your interest by organizing an 18 & Under Battle of the Bands set for this summer. The registration for the event starts this Sunday, May 19th at local all-ages space Sugar City between 5pm and 8pm.

Inspired by monthly all-ages shows put on at his local YMCA, Schlia hopes to pass it forward with creating and fostering a younger demographic to the Buffalo music scene.

Sunday’s registration will be the initial round of the event. In July, there will be a showcase featuring some of registered bands. In October 2019, this will all come to head with a Battle of the Bands, winner going on to battle a separate bracket of Spring 2020 bands.

If you are interested in participating, all you need is a band name, a band member representative, and an e-mail address to register. Upon registering Sunday, you’ll receive an introductory packet along with future instructions on how to move forward in the process.