“Self Thru Hell” is the latest from brother sister duo Quinn and Iko B, (aptly named Siblings) who may or may not be frogs – we’re still not sure. “Self Thru Hell” starts out with a thicc bass riff and brings in some effects and drums, giving off a 2010 LCD Soundsystem vibe. The beat even feels a little bit like it could have been a disco groove, which definitely takes some talent to wrangle into a track… It can often hop away from you (sorry, there may be like one or two more frog puns).

quinn bee and Heavy in Pocket, the other artists credited on this track, both seem quite talented as well and well worth checking out in their own rights. Difficult to ascertain who did what on a track usually, but based on what I could see on Spotify this was written by Quinn Brodsky (quinn bee) and performed by all artists named. Regardless of who did what, I can confidently say you’ll enjoy.

Frogs they may be, but this track is froggin’ awesome. Be sure to check it out on Spotify or Soundcloud.