That breeze you felt over the greater Buffalo area yesterday was the massive sigh of relief coming from Bills fans as the team had agreed, in principle, to be sold to Buffalo Sabres owners Kim and Terry Pegula. When owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. passed away this spring, every Buffalonian’s fears of the Bills leaving town, especially once that meddling Bon Jovi got involved, were nearly met, but thanks to the Pegula family, the Bills will remain in Buffalo for a very long time, and maybe even win a couple more games.

What does this have to do with music? Not much really, but DJ Pizza Pizza, who just so happens to be playing our Heavy Rotation: Back to School Dance on Friday, released a new remix version of the the Bills “Shout Song” on the 6th to ring in the new football season. While the song has be remixed to death over the years, given the great news that spread over WNY yesterday, we felt why not share this one.

The song is available as free download via Zza’s soundcloud page so if you need some extra jams for Sunday’s big season opener at the Ralph, you are covered.