The Burchfield Penney, in collaboration with M&T Bank, will once again host its monthly Second Friday event this evening, this time featuring music from Lazlo Hollyfeld on the gallery’s front yard.

Lazlo Hollyfeld is an instrumental art-rock group that originated in Buffalo in 2003. The long time act has a sound that teeters between mellow and intense grooves with a lot of experimentation. While at the Burchfield Penney, the gallery will also be up and running inside, and visitors will even have the opportunity to create their own art until 7:30pm.

If you are looking for a night out away from the kids, or a place to bring them, Burchfield Penney is the place to be tonight. Music begins at 5:30pm. Stay tuned for a closer look at Cages, also performing on the front yard, later on today.