Oh Manitou, a Rochester-based indie act still in their infancy, released duel singles”People I’d Like To Be” and “Once Again” last week. The songs, notably “People I’d Like To Be” showcase immense talent as Oh Manitou embarks on quite the sonic journey. All instruments (keys, vocals, guitars, the like) are played with noteworthy skill and their notes were chosen with great care along with production savviness.

The tune commences with a brilliant horn and woodwind introduction. Guitar work and cymbal embellishments are the bow on the present. Then, a chorused and distorted guitar nudges the song awake. “People I’d Like to Be” fills out with bass, drums, and a unique lead. While toms and tambourine shakes fill the air, vocals take to the forefront – awesome harmonies carry you away. “Falling into the sea watching the stars align,” is a perfect way to describe this song, but the sight must be equally as dazzling. Bright keys eventually join the mix. A band-supported guitar free-for-all ensues. And after that, a catchy key solo takes the cake.

Oh Manitou has a given birth to a beautiful star in “People I’d Like To Be.” The song is pretty, accessible, and a genuinely successful effort musically. Check it out below.