Local troubadour Nick Gordon has released an original song for the literary project, The Life and Times of Grovey Cleves, a dark and humorous look at the former Buffalo Mayor and two-time President of the United States. Titled “Grovey’s Tune,” the twangy folk song (think a little Arlo Guthrie, a little Red House Painters) is a somber look at Cleveland’s path to the White House. Gordon wrote the song (see lyrics below), and released along with fellow local musician Eric Kendall. Kendall also contributes drums and guitar.

Written by buffaBLOG and Block Club contributor Scott Mancuso and illustrated by local artist Mickey HarmonThe Life and Times of Grovey Cleves celebrated its opening reception this past Friday at the Western New York Book and Arts Center. If you were not in attendance, the exhibit will continue its run at WNYBAC until May 10th. In addition, copies of the book will be available to purchase at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair next month. In the mean time, listen to “Grovey’s Tune” below.

– Mac McGuire

I shuffled off to buffalo
To say hello to my uncle joe
Tried my hand at politics
It was there I built my name

Took my licks
And had my kicks
I was just young man then
All written down here on the page

Moved it on down to New York town
Boy did my veto make them frown
5 cent fare didn’t take me anywhere
I stamped them out
One after another

Heard the White House
calling my name
Life would never be the same
I turned my back
and did what i had to do

Sterling honesty
Is what they said about me
Honest as honest can be
No favors for the upper crust
Public service is a public trust

When I was young
My name was Steve
Now they call me Grovey Cleves
The life and times of Grovey Cleves

A mind without peace
Stuck in political grease

When I was young
my name was Steve
Now they call me Grovey Cleves
The life and times of Grovey Cleves