Premier Buffalo MC Hop Hop has a video for her latest single “Scratch” that’s a perfect showcase for her art and skills, and the city itself. Shot and edited by producer and co-conspirator Brandon Schlia, “Scratch” is an earworm in video form and a clever bit of DIY guerrilla filmmaking , utilizing a whole lot of the important new public art that’s sprung up over the last few years all over the city, our newly re-purposed post industrial decay, and various tasteful West Side doorways and rooftops as backdrops for the irrepressible brilliance of Hop Hop, who will most definitely not be defined by an old white guy like me anyways, so I won’t even try it (not that I’d try it anyway).

From “The Freedom Wall” on Michigan and East Ferry to the Betsy Casanas mural on Niagara Street and the trusty Elmwood Avenue 24 Hour Store, “Scratch” is an inclusive, vital, and funky vision of Buffalo as it is and of what it should be, and it’s your civic duty to check it out immediately.